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strawberry fields

Saturday, August 9

some photography ideas

My friend Somer came to visit and we went to the farm with my camera. Somer is by no means an experienced photographer (as she will be the first to say), but she took some really wonderful portraits of me (and I of her) following some of my tried and true suggestions, mainly shouted to her over the flowers.

As follows:

Look for the unexpected.

Let stuff get in the way.

Embrace accidents.


Get down.


Get close.

Get unfocused.


Shoot into the sun.

Look for details.

Get between.

. . . . . . . 

I was so happy to have some good-looking shots of myself and she was so patient as I suggested ideas to her. A few more things I do: shoot at morning or evening, and into the light, so things glow. I take a dozen pictures (if I'm using my digital camera) and if I get one out of that I like, I consider myself lucky. The rest I just delete. I am ruthless about deleting. Why keep pictures you don't love?

What are some of your best ways to get photos you love? I'd love to get some new ideas!

I'm sharing a photo daily over at habit this month. Come and see what's going on!

x brooke